This page shows how you can check your current balance and storage quota. There are two ways to do so: in your Account service page, and also in the right hand sidebar. The short movie below illustrates the process, and below there is more detail guide.

Open right hand sidebar

Click on your profile card in the top right of the header to open the Account right hand sidebar.

Account Navigation

You will see your current storage quota shown just under the account switcher: it is labelled accordingly, and to the right are shown the used amount used and limit. The bar is grey by default, once your storage begins to be used the meter will begin to fill with colour: Blue until 50%, orange from 50% to 75% and red when your used storage amount exceeds 75% of the total.

You can request an increase by clicking Add Storage.

Account Balance

Your current account balance is show jus above the Account menu item. The balance is split into two parts, your available balance, and a reserved amount which is currently already allocated to compute time.

You can increase your available balance by clicking Add Credit.

Account Page

Your current account balance and storage quota are also available in the Service Level tab of your Account page. To access it:

  1. Open the right hand sidebar by clicking on your account card in the top right of the header
  2. Select the Account menu item
  3. When the account page is loaded, click on the Service Level tab.

Service Levels