This page explains how to make a payment to credit your account.

Open Billing Page

Open the account navigation by clicking on your user profile card in the top right art of the header, then click on Billing and Payments.

Billing Menu

Open Payments Tab

Click on the Payments tab. This page lists all the payments you have made. The first time you use this list will be empty.

Exabyte Registration Form

Make Payment

You can make a payment, and thereby credit your account, by clicking the large Plus icon in the top right. You will be shown an Add Credit window with some preset amounts, in order to quickly top-up your balance. You can also choose a different credit amount by clicking on the "Other Amount" button. Once you open this option you will be able to enter an amount into an input field (minimum payment amount is $50). The amount you choose to pay determines your service level.

Add Credit

Automatic renewal

Payments are linked to service levels. Higher payments trigger greater levels of service and the benefits included in your account. Each service level has a validity period for balances. In order that your service level is maintained we offer the option to auto-renew your service level by adding credit before the end of the validity period.

Confirm Payment

Click on Add Credit to confirm the request, once the charge is accepted by our payments provider your balance and service level will be updated immediately.


You can also increase your balance at any time by opening the account navigation (click on the profile image in header) and click Apply Credit.

Apply Credit