Service Levels

Service levels define the price per the amount of compute you consume while using our product. We measure the amount in compute-units, or CPU-hours. You always pay on-demand, however dependent on your service level your price per compute unit may vary and you may have additional services and features included.

Service levels comparison

Below is a quick comparison of our service levels:

Feature/Plan Promo Advanced Pro Enterprise Enterprise-extra
minimum payment - $50 $500 $5,000 $50,000
price per CPU-hour $0.20 $0.20 $0.18 $0.17 $0.10
validity period - 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
reserved compute nodes - - - + +
monthly data usage 10Gb 50Gb 100Gb 500Gb 5Tb
private data - - + + +
organizations/teams - - - + +
maximum team size - - - 5 15
support level email email email/phone email/phone email/phone/on-site
command line access - - + + +

Base rate

The price above refers to the base rate for each service level. You can further control how quickly your calculations are finished by varying submission queues.

How service levels are set

Your service level is defined by the payment that you make. Organizations let users set up a collaboration, sharing and work in teams, and are well suited for enterprise users and those working in groups.

Service level is defined by the maximum amount of the recent payment(s) that you make.

Here's how it works:

  1. Upon signup your service level is set to Promo.

  2. When you provide a payment method, purchase allocation and pay the minimum amount ($50) - your service level is set to Advanced

  3. If you decide to pay in excess of $500 instead, your service level is set to Pro

  4. Users with valid payment method can create organizations:

    • the first organization per user is given $10 credit to try the functionality

    • by paying $5,000 a user can secure 'Enterprise' service level (and rates) for his/her organization

    • all entities created under the organization account will be charged according to Enterprise service level rates

    • by paying $50,000 a user can secure Enterprise-extra service level for his/her organization

    • other special rates are available upon request

Validity period

You get to access our services free of charge, and only pay for what you use, however we require that you use the allocations within the validity period (as shown in the table above).

Every 1st day of the week we run a check on each user and organization account and the account balance is set to 0 in if any of the following is true:

  • account value X is < $50 and last payment happened >1 month ago
  • account value X is $50 <= X < $500 and last payment happened >3 month ago
  • account value X is $500 <= X < $5000 and last payment happened >6 month ago
  • account value X is > $5000 and last payment happened >12 month ago

We recommend setting automatic payment option (auto-renew) when upgrading or adding credit, so that your service level is automatically renewed after validity period is over.

Unused credits

All unused credits automatically roll over into the next validity period.

Queue-based pricing

Detailed description of submission queues is available elsewhere. In brief, there are three types: debug (for short calculations with very quick turnaround), on-demand (for most production runs) and saving (for lower priority tasks). Charge factors for each queue types wrt the base price are shown below

Queue type Charge factor
Debug 2.0
On-demand 1.0
Saving 0.2

Increasing Quota

You can purchase extra storage to increase the limits beyond the default value for your service level at $0.2 per GB per month. Thus, 100GB of extra storage would cost $20 per calendar month. More information available here.

Changing Service Level

You can secure better compute costs and other benefits by optimising the service level to suit your needs, Click here to learn how to upgrade your service level.