Your account is split into three tabs as below.

Bio (Profile)

This page shows information about you, to which teams and organizations you belong and what you have recently worked on. This can be set as private/public depending on your service level. Higher service level are able to make all information private. We also let users add a description and role to your account to share with other users.

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Click on the Edit Bio button at the right side of the secondary navigation bar to edit basic information in your profile, upload your profile image and set your password.

Edit Profile


Here you can set preferences for your account. We also have further features planned for this section.

  • Clone Suffix: This suffix is appended to each job that is cloned via the jobs list page. The default is "clone".
  • Application Intro Tour: This setting will enable/disable the user interface tour that is shown when you log in.
  • SSH Keys: Here you can add, remove and create SSH keys that will be associated with your account.

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Service Levels

Details about your current account levels are shown in this tab: Your current account balance, storage quota and service level. You can quickly add to your account balance, increase your quota and change service levels from this page. For more information see the Pricing and Service Levels page

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