Payments are linked to service levels. Higher payment amounts trigger greater levels of service and the associated benefits. To elevate the service level, therefore, you can simply make a payment above the threshold we wish to activate.

Open Account Page

Open the Account navigation by clicking on your account profile card in the header, then select the Account menu item.

Open Service Level Tab

From your account page click on the Service Level tab.

Service Levels

Upgrade Service Level

Below the account balance and storage quota widgets are listed the Service Levels available to you. Your current service level is greyed out and has the word Current in the button. We placed the service levels beside each other so you can quickly compare which level might suit you best. If you wish to upgrade to another service level simply click on the Upgrade button in the plan you want.

Make Payment

Make payment to activate new service level.

In the same way as adding credit, you can select Auto-renew, in order to safeguard this level of service before the validity period expires. Click Confirm to make the payment and activate your new service level.