Compute levels

We have multiple levels of compute that let users diversify and optimize the cost-to-performance ratio.

Level Description Charge factor
Debug provides limited compute resources with no-to-little wait time at a cost premium 2.0
On-demand is meant for most production tasks, provides extensive compute resources at the base rate 1.0
Saving provides significantly lower rate by utilizing currently idle compute resources; compute resources may be terminated at any time depending on the load in the data center 0.2

It is advised to use Debug level while prototyping your calculations, On-demand for mission-critical tasks, and Saving - for restartable runs that can tolerate interruptions (eg. check-pointed relaxation runs).

"Saving" compute level and compute resources termination

The concept of saving resources is very similar to the spot-based instances introduced by AWS. When the datacenter has increased load, some or all saving compute servers may be terminated. We attempt restarting the calculations by resubmitting the corresponding job to resource manager queue. At current, no charge for the first whole hour is incurred upon compute resource termination. More information available here

Platform Architecture

Our product is build out of multiple microservices that together form a distributed web application deployable both on public- and private cloud infrastructure. We aggregate together multiple computing clusters that in turn can be deployed in shared- and single-occupancy modes depending on customer preferences and data restrictions. The architecture diagram below demonstrates the basics:

Service Levels

Hardware Specifications

Our public cloud resources are all hosted by trusted vendors: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer and Rackspace. The following shows the hardware specification for each vendor.

Provider CPU Count CPU Type Memory (GB) Disk (GB) Bandwidth (Gbps)
AWS 36 Intel Xeon E5-2666-v3, 2.90GHz 60 10 10
Rackspace 32 Intel Xeon E5-2680-v2, 2.80GHz 60 50 5
Azure 16 Intel Xeon E5-2673-v3, 2.40GHz 32 256 10
Softlayer 16 Intel Xeon E5-2650-v0, 2.00GHz 32 25 1

On-Premises Deployment

For customers who want to use their on-premises resources instead of cloud resources because of high security concerns, easier access and management or specific hardware and software support, we are ready to deploy our application stack on top of your private resources. Please contact us at for more information.

Available Resources

As of Sep, 2016 our major compute and storage systems have:

Provider Total CPU Total Memory (GB) Total Disk (GB)
AWS 36,000 60,000 Unlimited**
Azure 10,000 20,000 Unlimited**
Rackspace 6,400 12,000 Unlimited**
Softlayer 3,200 6,400 Unlimited**

** We provide virtually unlimited disk storage space. Elastically grown file system lets us reach to 8EB (exabytes) of disk storage per single compute cluster.

*** All nodes are connected together via fast low latency interconnection networks with bandwidth ranging from 1-10 Gbps.