The "Analytics" page is a powerful tool to aggregate, sort, organize, and compare materials and visualize their properties quickly. It is especially useful for combinatorial studies on a large number of materials.


The analytics page is reached through the left-hand side-bar. By default the page displays all materials inside site-wide materials bank collection. The latter includes all publicly available materials, plus user-owned ones and the ones directly shared with the user.

The search (magnifying glasses on upper right side of page) can focus your comparison on a subset of the materials. The animated gif below, shows how using "Ga|In|As" we can focus on all results for compounds with group III elements.

Choose properties

In many cases a workflow or property calculation quantifies multiple properties within one simulation. Using analytics we can focus our analysis on a subset of properties by opening the ... selector tool on the upper right hand side of the page. In the animated gif below, it is shown how to focus the comparison of the materials set on "indirect band gap" and "pressure".

Examine all results for single material

In many cases a property calculation will be run multiple times on the same material with results depending upon the simulation settings. If this is the case the property of interest will have a note below the property such as "2 more". This signifies there are 2 additional instances of property calculation than the value displayed on the summary page. By default only the value with highest precision (eg. highest kpoint density, cutoff energy for planewave pseudopotential density functional theory) is shown.

By clicking on the material you will obtain a detailed summary page of all the instances of property calculation. If a particular result of interest, you can click on the 3 vertical dots to the extreme right of the data and select "source" to go to the job status page that generated the result.

Graph properties

The analytics page can also be used to graph a range of material results. Using the "Ga|In|As" referred to above, we can plot the "pressure" and "indirect band gap" of all the materials. The summary page will present a graph for each property with all materials names and their respective values.

Advanced search

The advanced search icon in the upper right is a way to quickly summarize all property calculations in the materials collection. Upon clicking on the "advanced search" icon a new page will appear with 2 drop-down menus for "Property" and "Owner". Selecting one or more of these menu items will reduce the number of materials visible to focus on those that have calculations for the property selected and created by the owner.