Organizations provie a way for multiple users to collaborate. Organization "Owners" and "Administrators" can manage "Members" access to data with a comprehensive set of security features.

Creating an organization

You can create an organization by clicking "Organization" link in the left sidebar:

As you can see there are different service levels for organizations, "Promo", "Enterprise" and "Enterprise Extra". "Promo" is the default organization service level with minimal set of features. Please visit Service Levels for more information.

Organization Balance

The first organization is given $10 as a gift so that you can try things out.

Deleting organization

If you want to delete an organization, navigate to the "EDIT BIO" tab and delete the organization:

Deleting Organization

All data associated with your organization will be discarded when organization is deleted.

Adjusting bio

You can adjust your organization's bio including description, email address, URL, location and avatar in "EDIT BIO" tab:

Adding members

In order to start sharing data and collaborating with colleagues, you should add users to your organization. When a user is added to the organization, he/she will by default be a read-only user which is only able to see the list of projects, people and teams.

Removing members

A user can be removed from organization using "PEOPLE" tab. When user is removed he/she will not be able to access any data associated with the organization.


Each organization have the owner and one or multiple Administrators. Administrators have full control over an organization. They can manage users, projects, teams and jobs. The only difference between them and owners is about their inability to delete the organization. The following shows how to give user administrative permissions.

Billing and payments

Billing is very similar for organization and personal accounts. To access your organization's billing and payments, switch to your organization account and select "Billing & Payments" on the left sidebar. For more information visit Billing and Payments.