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Registration of Jobs in Web Interface

By default, all jobs submitted from the Command Line Interface (CLI) of our platform are propagated and registered automatically in the Web Interface for user convenience.

When jobs are registered in this way, their associated simulation files contained in the job's main Working Directory become accessible under the Files Explorer Interface within the corresponding Job Viewer page.

Resource Manager Directive

Whether the job registers in the Web interface is controlled by a directive inside the script. In case this functionality intervenes with other user actions for any reason, the user can disable the feature by specifying the following directive inside the corresponding job script file.

#PBS -R n


In the animation below, we follow upon the outcome of the previous tutorial, where we provided an example on how to launch a simulation job via CLI.

Here, we begin by exiting the Web Terminal with which the Job was launched, and we inspect the evolution of the Job under Web Interface as it is executed, by opening its entry within the Jobs Explorer Interface of the Default Project Page. The job is executed under the Default project of the Account under consideration because no project name was specified when the job's Batch Script was first created.

When the job is finally completed, its corresponding simulation files are reviewed under the Files Tab of the Job Viewer Interface. Each file listed here can be downloaded to the user's local disk for further inspection by clicking upon the relevant entries in turn.