This tutorial describes the steps to connect to a remote desktop session through your web browser. In some cases advanced visualization requires access to a wide array of tools. Therefore we provide cloud-based remote desktop software for visualization functionality.

Pre-installed visualization software

We have pre-installed the following list of application for graphical visualization on the remote desktop:

  1. XCrysden
  2. VESTA

Accessing remote desktop

One must open a Remote Desktop Connection to the terminal so that you can run graphical interface programs for visualization. Underneath the "Terminal" option in the right sidebar is a "Remote Desktop" option.

Remote Desktop

Select this and an overlay will appear in your web browser with a graphical user interface connected to remote Linux desktop.

Start Remote Desktop

Finding visualization software

Find and open XCrysden or Vesta under the "Applications" > Other" dropdown menu item.


You may read more about the visualization options for each of the above applications at the links below.

If you used the default project for this calculation, then you can find files associated with the job inside: /home/<your username>/data/<your username>/<job name>/; otherwise the path would contain the project name in place of the second username: /home/<your username>/data/<project name>/<job name>/

Avoid compute intensive visualization tasks

We ask users to avoid running excessively compute intensive visualization tasks, as it may interfere with other users' operations during the execution.


  1. XCrysden, Website
  2. VESTA, Website