Job is a "container" entity that is used to organize the data and track resource allocation. The terminology and naming is common for distributed resource allocation management. A job in the computational sense represents the simplest entity that has accounting set up for, and can have one or more Materials and Workflows associated with it.

Jobs can be nested and chained as necessary.


Jobs are organized into Projects for convenience. One can think about projects as collections of jobs in the same manner as a file system directory is a collection of files.

Example representation

In order to organize and store the information about Jobs we employ Exabyte Data Convention as explained elsewhere in this documentation.

Below is an example JSON representation a of a job. It contains a single Workflow and one Material:

    "name" : "Test Job",
    // version of the current document schema
    "version" : "0.2.0",
    // "link" to material(s) for this job
    "_material" : {
        "_id" : "FJHNZCixeNfopuLrA",
        "exabyteId" : "e3nJ9g7tLaARSA25g"
    // content of the "Workflow"
    "workflow" : {
    // computational parameters for this job
    "compute" : {
        "ppn" : 1,
        "nodes" : 1,
        "queue" : "D",
        "timeLimit" : "01:00:00",
        "notify" : "n",
        "cluster" : {
            "fqdn" : "",
            "jid" : ""
        "arguments" : {}
    // "link" to the project the job belongs to
    "_project" : {
        "_id" : "ypijc9N27BixEpKfT",
    "status" : "finished",
    "createdAt" : "2017-10-17T18:20:53.975Z",
    "updatedAt" : "2017-10-17T18:22:31.389Z"

Note: JSON does not support inclusion of inline commentaries, we only left them above for clarity.

Job Statuses

Job statuses as shown in the web application are explained in the table below:

Label Meaning
pre-submission job is created and saved in database
submitted job is scheduled for execution
active job is currently running
finished job finished successfully
error something went wrong with job execution
timeout job exceeded allocated time limit
terminated job is terminated by user