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Account Balance

The Balance associated with an Account indicates the total combined amount of Money available to be spent under this particular Account, as required for performing the various computational tasks on the platform. This total balance is comprised by the sum of the following two elements.

Reserved Balance

The "Reserved" aspect of the total balance refers to the amount of money which has been allocated for a given set of calculations defined by the User. For example, if 100 jobs have to be executed, each costing 1 dollar, then a Reserved Balance of 100 dollars is allocated.

Available Balance

All the remaining money that has not been allocated yet as part of any computational task is then referred to as the "Current", or "Available", Balance.

View Balance

Both the Reserved and Available Balances associated with an Account can be inspected by the User through either the Service Levels or the right-hand sidebar components.

Increase Balance

A description for how the action of increasing the account-related balance can be performed (by the owner of the account or any of the administrators in the case of an Organizational account) is documented in this page.