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Download Remote Files

Instructions for Remote Desktop

Starting from Remote Desktop, the user can download files (of limited size) by putting them in the Dropbox folder first, which has an overall capacity of 1 Gb. Such files can later be downloaded from the Web Interface by clicking their corresponding entries listed under the Files Explorer interface of the Dropbox Page, as explained here.


We demonstrate how to download a file called "remote-connection.yaml", present under the Login Home directory, starting from the Remote Desktop interface. After copying the file to the Dropbox folder, we then retrieve it under the Web Interface.

Instructions for Web Terminal

From the Web Terminal on the other hand, the user can download any remotely stored file under any directory to his/her local disk with the following command.

exadownload <filepath/filename>

Typing this command under the Command Line Interface downloads the file directly to the default location for saving Downloaded content set by the web browser being employed.


Here, we show the equivalent animation as before, but for the case of Web Terminal. We download the same "remote-connection.yaml" file by entering the corresponding exadownload command.