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An Endpoint is one end of a communication channel, the API end of it. It has a unique URL and a set of parameters associated with it. Sending a request with a specific HTTP1 method to an Endpoint triggers a certain function.


Contacting materials endpoint with a PUT HTTP method and the corresponding data about a material will lead to the creation of the corresponding Material inside the database and return the result.

List of Endpoints

Below is the list of currently supported endpoints with links to the detailed documentation for each:

Endpoint Documentation

In order to explain the data formats and allow users to try the endpoints we use Swagger UI2, a software framework to design, build, document, and try API services. In the example below, we demonstrate how to use the REST API Explorer page to list the materials an account has access to. It is assumed that the reader has already generated the authentication parameters explained in here.

  1. Open REST API Explorer page.

  2. Set X-ACCOUNT-ID and X-AUTH-TOKEN authentication parameters.

  3. Navigate to Materials endpoint, set up query ({"formula": "Si"}) and projection ({"limit": 5}) parameters.

  4. Click on RESPONSE EXAMPLE and RESPONSE SCHEMA on the right panel to see an example response and its structure (schema).

  5. Click on Try to connect to the RESTful API and retrieve the materials.

  6. A list of materials filtered by the given query and projection parameters will be returned.

The aforementioned steps are demonstrated in the animation below.

API Versions

Below you can find the currently supported API versions.