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This section contains information about how we organize, store and apply workflows for modeling and simulations.


We introduce the computational sub-components of workflows, with particular attention to subworkflows and units, in this section.


The Data section contains information about the structured data convention used to store workflows and their sub-components, with example JSON representations for each.


Templating is an important concept which we apply to automate and generalize the mass-generation of simulation input files. It is described in detail in a dedicated section of the documentation.


Workflows Bank collection and its related operations is explained in the corresponding section.


The default workflow present at the moment of creation of a new account on our platform is introduced here.

User Interface

Specific features pertaining to the Explorer Interface of the Workflows collection are explained here. Descriptions on Viewer and Designer in the context of workflows are also offered.


The Actions section explains and provides visual examples of actions that users can perform on workflows.