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Edit Menu

The Edit menu in the top menu bar of the Materials Designer interface makes it possible to navigate through the various changes made to the material structure under consideration during the current session. The position of this menu within the overall interface is highlighted below:

Edit Menu


Pressing Undo will revert the currently-selected material structure to the previous state (or step), or will undo any previous action. Up to 30 steps are saved during each session and can therefore be undone.

Changing selected material

Changing the currently selected material in the items list sidebar is also considered an action.


Conversely, the Redo feature will negate the effect of a previous Undo action and bring back the material structure (or material selection) to a more recent state.


The user can also Reset all changes made to the crystal structure back to the initial configuration used when the Materials Designer page is first opened.


The Edit menu also allows the user to Clone the currently selected structure into a new distinct entry in the items list sidebar. This feature is demonstrated in the short animation below, where we clone the original silicon structure into a new entry which appears below it: