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Account Ownership of Entities

Every entity is owned by a single Account, referred to as the Owner of that entity. The Owner initially defaults to the Account under which the entity was created.

When entities of each type are treated collectively, we refer to them as Account-owned Entity Collections, which are the object of a separate discussion).

It is important to emphasize that the concept of Ownership applies to the Accounts themselves, and not to any of its users/members.

Ownership Lifecycle

An entity item may circulate between accounts, by, for example, being shared or copied. This makes the traceability of its ownership important to define.


When an entity is shared, its ownership remains unaltered: the owner remains the Account under which it was created, no matter how many times it is shared.


When an entity is copied, a new entry is created under the recipient Account-owned collection, with exactly the same contents as the original item.

The ownership of this cloned item is then attributed to the recipient Account.


The Ownership of an entity can be changed only under the guidance of our Support Service.