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Remote Connection Methods

We offer alternative connection methods other than the Web Interface to submit simulation jobs to the computing clusters of our platform, and access the associated data via the login node.

The login node can be accessed via any of the following options.

SSH Terminal

The user can use an external SSH client 1 under any Operating System to connect to our Command Line Interface. We explain how to do so in this page.

Web Terminal (WT)

Alternatively, we offer an incorporated Terminal within our Web Interface which also takes the user to the same Command Line Interface. We refer to this as the Web Terminal.

Remote Desktop (RD)

If the user wants to experience a fully graphical desktop environment, he can do so via the Remote Desktop Application.

WT and RD Implementation

Both the Web Terminal and Remote Desktop are implemented via the Apache Guacamole Server 2. The full sidebar documentation can be accessed in the corresponding documentation manual 3. Instructions on how to open its main Sidebar, referred to as the Remote-connection Sidebar, can be found here.

Actions common to Web Terminal and Remote Desktop

We introduce the actions common to both the Web Terminal and Remote Desktop interfaces in this section of the documentation.

Actions specific to Remote Desktop

Some actions are only available for Remote Desktop, and they are documented here.