The Overview tab

The general appearance of the typical content of the "Overview" tab is presented in the image below, where four main sections are emphasized and will be described in turn throughout the rest of this documentation page:

The "Properties" section

The first line in the "Overview" tab, labeled "Properties", contains a summary of the physical properties that will be computed during the course of the present calculation. These can be selected from a list of properties on the "Detailed View" tab, which is described here.

For a complete list of physical properties available for calculation, the reader is referred to this page.

Low-fidelity Runs

Optionally, the check-box "Draft" on the left can be selected. In this case the resulting properties will not be available in the "Analytics" part of the output of the calculation. This option is convenient to choose when new prototypical workflows need to be tested in a preliminary fashion through low-fidelity runs.

The "Application" section

The subsequent "Application" section in the "Overview" tab allows you to choose which computational engine (otherwise known as application). More on this here respectively.

The "Model" section

This section is documented extensively in its own dedicated documentation chapter.

The "Method" section

Similarly to the "Model" section, the "Method" section also has its own documentation chapter.