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Storage Quota

The "Quota" associated with an Account indicates the total combined amount of storage space, distributed across all available computing clusters, to which the users of that Account have access. This storage space is essential for all users to store the data necessary to execute, or produced by, the desired simulations. The reader is referred to the explanation on Service Levels for a description of how much total data usage is allowed for a given Account. This total quota is composed of the sum of the following two elements.

Consumed Storage Quota

The combined size, in Megabytes (Mb) or Gigabytes (Gb), of all computational data currently stored in the available supercomputing clusters indicated the current level of consumption of the Storage Quota. The total consumption can not exceed the total amount of storage space. If desired, the Owner of the Account may purchase additional space, as explained late in this page.

Available Storage Quota

All the available free storage space, that has not been yet occupied by the data generated by the various Account users, constitutes the "Available" storage. It is the responsibility of the Account to ensure that a sufficient amount of available free storage space is present at all times to guarantee the smooth execution of all desired tasks.

View Quota

Both the Consumed and Available storage quotas associated with an Account can be inspected by the user through any of the following user interface components: the Service Levels page, the right-hand sidebar, the Bio account interface component, or on the main Dashboard. In the latter three cases, it is possible to visualize such quota information broken down across each individual computing cluster node available to the Account.

Increase Quota

Accounts can increase the limit for the total storage quota according to the instructions in this page.

Access Quota Information via Command Line

Information about the consumed and available storage quotas can also be accessed via the Command Line Interface of the platform, as explained in a separate section of the documentation.