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Job Status Indicators

Jobs listed under the Explorer can be in one of the following possible statuses, appearing under its corresponding letter/color badge.

Note: explanation of clusters-related terms

The user is referred to this page for instructions on how to operate the computing clusters offered on our platform. The concept of Queue on the cluster is also explained in its respective page.


Badge: P

"Pre-submission" status indicates that the Job has been created as an entry in Explorer, but it has not been submitted to the queue of the cluster yet. It can still be edited by opening it under Designer.


Badge S

"Submitted" status means that the Job has been submitted already, but is not actively running yet.


Badge: A

The "Active" status highlights the fact that the Job is currently in the process of being executed.


Badge: F

When the Job is "Finished", its execution is terminated correctly (without errors) following the completion of its computational tasks.


Badge: E

An "Error" status indicates that the Job execution terminated as a result of encountering a computational error.


Badge: T

When Job execution is terminated as a result of user intervention its status is set to "Terminated".


Badge: T

When the Job exceeded the allocated time limit, it is assigned the "Timeout" status.