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Storage Quota

Simulations can produce large amounts of data while running. In order to make sure this does not affect other simulations, especially when there are multiple tenants using same hardware, we allocate certain amount of disk storage to each account - "Quota". Such a limit depends on the service level.

Quota increase

When default limits are not enough, we provide an option to increase storage quota by purchasing more disk space over the limit. Accounts are only charged for the limits beyond the default value for their service level. When storage quota is increased accounts are charged every 30 days since the first quota increase is approved.

Multiple quota adjustments

Please note that if you increase the limit once more during the previous charging period, for example 20 days after the prior increase, your charging period is reset and a new one is started.


At current extra quota is charged per gigabyte of data as shown below:

Extra quota size Monthly charge
1Gb $0.20
100Gb $20.00
500Gb $100.00
1Tb == 1024Gb $200.00
5Tb == 5120Gb $1000.00