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Common Entity Actions

Entities share a number of equivalent attributes and actions. Click on the links below to access the documentation pages associated with each corresponding type of action.

Create New Entity

In order to create new entities, this general procedure should be followed.

Modify Name

The name of each entity can be changed according to these instructions.

Edit Metadata

Each entity can have descriptive metadata added to it, in the form of text, tags and other formats. This is typically done for ease of referencing and retrieval of the entity when performing general searches. We explain how to add such metadata here.

Set Default

In each account-owned collection, an entry can be assigned the "Default" status as described here.


The user can delete an entity by following the procedure outlined here.

Clone / Copy

Each entity can be cloned (or copied) following these instructions.


Opening an entry in an account-owned collection of entities, to inspect or adjust its contents, can be achieved as follows.

The user can perform general searches to retrieve particular entities of interest through this procedure.

More advanced search functionality is available for some particular types of entities, as explained in a separate page.

Copy from Bank

Bankable entities can be copied (or imported) from their respective Banks into the Account-owned collections, following the general instructions contained here.

Create / Delete Sets

Sets of Entities and how they can be created or deleted are explained here.

Move Entities to Sets

Entities can be moved into Sets as outlined in this page.


Entities can be shared between accounts, or made publicly visible on the world wide web, by following these instructions.