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Add Members to Organization

In order to share data and collaborate with colleagues, users should be added to the Organization. Newly added users initially have restricted permissions which can be elevated or granted through roles and teams. Information about entity-related permissions, and account-related roles, is available here and here respectively.

Open People Explorer

In order to add new members, first navigate to the "People" tab under the Organization's Profile page. Here, the corresponding People Explorer can be found, showing the current members of the Organization.

Open Accounts Explorer

Next, click "Create" button in the top-right corner of the page, under the actions toolbar, in order to access the list of users of the platform.

The layout of this list is similar to that of Accounts Explorer, except that only users (or, equivalently, personal Accounts) are listed.

Add Users

Any desired number of users can be selected by ticking their corresponding checkboxes. They can then be added to the organization by clicking Select Items button at the top-right corner of the page. Selected users will now appear as regular members.


The above steps are summarized in the demonstration below, where we add three new users to our organization called "Example":

Remove Members

Any member can be removed by first navigating to the Organization People Explorer, and then following the standard "Delete" procedure.

Once a user is removed, he/she is no longer able to access data associated with the Organization.


In the animation below, we remove the three members added previously above: