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Add Members to Team

The addition or removal of members from Teams is similar to the equivalent procedure for the wider Organization.

Note: Team Members

Users that need to be added to a Team should first be made members of the parent Organization.

Open People Explorer

The user should start from the People Explorer under the Team-specific page.

Add Users to Team

At this stage, the user is referred to the Organization-related documentation page for an analogous explanation.


We start from the profile page of an Organization called "", and we then navigate to the specific page of a "Test Team". In the end, we demonstrate how to add multiple new users:

Remove Members

Members can be removed from a Team by first navigating to the Team's People Explorer, and then following the standard "Delete" procedure.

When a member is removed, he/she will no longer have access to any of the team's assigned entities, unless available in other Teams.


In the animation below, we remove the three members added previously: