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Transfer Files via SCP

SCP file transfers can be performed directly via any terminal instance opened in a local user machine running a Unix-based operating system, through the following commands (the user should replace the text inside braces below with the corresponding names/paths).

  1. To transfer local files to remote server (called "bohr"):
scp -i <path to private_key> <path to local file> <username><path inside login home>
  1. To transfer remote files from server to local machine:
scp -i <path to private_key> <username><path inside login home> <path to local file>


For example, let us assume that user steve would like to transfer a text file called example.txt under his local home directory to the remote "bohr" server, where the final destination is his personal data folder in the Cluster Home directory for "cluster-001".

The command that he needs to enter to perform this file transfer, after opening a terminal instance on his own local machine, would be the following (assuming his private ssh key file is stored locally under his home folder).

scp -i ~/ssh_key ~/example.txt

The converse operation, to retrieve the remotely stored example.txt file and re-copy it under his local home directory, would consist in the following command.

scp -i ~/ssh_key ~/