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Submit Job

After a Batch Script is prepared, computation jobs can be submitted for execution via CLI.

Some things to remember

Simulation input files have been gathered together under the same Working Directory. This Working Directory has to be located within the Home folder of the cluster on which the user wants to execute the job, so that it is directed to the desired computing cluster. We also recommend the user to first consult the accounting aspects documented here, before proceeding with job submission.

Job submission is performed with the qsub command, as demonstrated in the following example, where the Batch Script in this case is called my_job.pbs.

[]$ qsub my_job.pbs

This command return the Job ID, further explained below. The manual page for this command can be reviewed in the reference containing the information about the Resource Management System in the corresponding page of the present documentation (page 373).

Jobs ID

Just after it is entered, the qsub command returns the "Job ID", which includes the alias of the cluster where the job has been submitted (for example, cluster-007 within the job ID in the above example).

It is important to remember this "job id" for tracking and for any problem resolution, as well as in the eventuality of job termination by the user.