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Introduction to the Command Line Interface

Users can log into the main Unix-based Command Line Interface (CLI) 1 of our platform with any of the available remote connection methods (including the Remote Desktop, which has its own incorporated Terminal application as explained here).

After logging in, the user is presented with the following welcome screen under the CLI interface, which includes some useful advices and instructions on how to operate the relevant commands.

CLI splash

We explain the resource management system in its dedicated section, the accounting, software modules and commands outlined in the above visual are explained in sections mentioned below.


We offer the possibility to customize the Environment of the CLI, including both the shell type and the loading of Modules (pre-defined codes that don't need recompiling).

Both forms of environment customization are explained under the same page, accessible here.


We introduce the aspects of accounting and Account management relevant in the context of CLI here.


The set of actions that is available in the context of the CLI is introduced in this section of the documentation.