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Account Preferences

Under the Preferences tab of the general "Account Profile" interface, the user can set preferences and settings for the present account that he/she owns or administers. Alternatively, the same Account Preferences can be accessed from the right-hand sidebar of the general User Interface, under the option labelled "Account Preferences" .

General Information

This first aspect of the Account Preferences allows the user to insert account-wise general profile information, such as the name, profile picture, website and e-mail address associated with the account. A guide on which specific information can be entered in this section can be found here.

User Settings

Under this section, the user is allowed to enter a suffix which will be appended to each job that is cloned via the jobs explorer page, as explained in detail here.

API Tokens

In addition, under the Account Preferences new API tokens can also be generated, and how to do so is explained here.

SSH Keys

Add, or remove SSH keys to be associated with the account here. Full instructions on how to do so can be found in this page.

Update password

It may come a point at which the account Owner or Administrator might feel necessary that the account-wide password be changed for security or convenience purposes. The procedure for performing such a change is outlined here.

Warning: content with restricted access

The information contained under the present documentation page is relevant for Account Owners or Administrators, since only they have sufficient rights to view and modify the content (a user is always the Owner and Administrator of his personal account).