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What is is a comprehensive platform for materials design and discovery through modeling and simulations.

We believe that focusing on core science is the most effective way to speed things up. We merge together in a single environment: rigorous models, vast compute power, intuitive user interface and data management tools, in order to make your work on materials design highly efficient.

I don't get it - what is it really?

OK, the animation below might help demonstrate our vision:

Where does your name come from?

Exabyte is 260 bytes. Or 1 billion gigabytes. Or 1 million hard drives. Or 1 thousand datacenter storage units. It is a pretty big number and it illustrates the complexity and scale of the problem we solve. Rumor has it that our founding team together with the leading minds in the field had figured out that after surpassing 1 exabyte of accumulated materials data computers will be able to run simulations without needing humans...

Why are you doing this?

The world of today is broken. Humans now face important global challenges. We exist to solve the most fundamental and most important of these challenges by driving new generations of advanced materials. In our vision the world of tomorrow is created not through long and expensive tests by trial-and-error, but through fast, accurate and intelligent models. Read more at

Why should I care?

Because you know that materials design and discovery is being rapidly transformed now. There are multiple new initiatives started, you can feel that radical changes are soon to come, and you want to be among the first to know and benefit from them.


Do you store my materials data?

We store the data about materials in a central database and every user has a copy that he/she can contribute to and modify at will. We support both private and public scenarios. By default all data you create under personal account is public and accessible to other users. You can choose to opt out and have your data in the private domain.

Is my materials data viewable to the whole world?

Not unless you choose so. At current we only allow access from registered users, however in the future we plan on implementing a way to share your data with the outside world as well. Users of cloud storage services (google docs, dropbox, box etc.) can see why this could be handy.

Why would I share my precious data with others?

This is more important for users in enterprise: you do not have to share data and have absolute control over it. We set up enterprise subscriptions such that data access is regulated by users with administrative permission at the organization level with fine-grained control.

There are also clear benefits that can be extracted from having others view materials that you work on when you care about traceability, reproducibility and validity of the simulation results. And when setting up a collaboration.

How secure is my data in the cloud?

Chances are that these days your data may be more secure in the cloud than on your company's own servers. One look at the number of case studies and companies that use cloud computing for their mission-critical activities serves as a better proof than thousand words: link. If your enterprise is not on the list yet, you may be missing out.


What cloud providers do you use?

We strive to be provider-agnostic and let our users select the details about the hardware.

Every provider has its strong and weak points and we would like to be able to leverage those appropriately to maximize the benefits for our users.

What cloud providers do you support?

At current we fully support AWS and Azure in production. We paused using Rackspace and IBM SoftLayer due to performance concerns, but they can be quickly re-added upon request.