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Charges, Payments, and Payment Methods

Click Billing and Payments in the right-hand sidebar to review the list of charges incurred by the account, and the payments executed to address them. The possibility to view or add Payment Methods is also offered.

An example of a "Billing" page is exhibited below. We have highlighted in red the tabs for viewing charges, payments, and payments methods.

Billing Page


Under the tab labelled "Charges" the user can review the charges applied to the Account Balance while using our platform.


Under the "Payments" tab , the user can review the money paid so far by crediting the Account Balance.


Both Charges and Payments sheets are presented under the standard Explorer-type interface. The total sum of all the entries under each list is also indicated at the top of the page.

A Search bar is present at the top of both balance sheets.

An Advanced Search feature is further offered in the Charges page, in order to filter them more effectively. We offer an example of this action here.

The following properties of Charges are available to be searched under the advanced method.

Property Description
jobTitle Name of the Job, as defined at the moment of its creation
queue Type of Queue on the computing cluster used for the computational task
jid A combination of the job number assigned by the task scheduler, and the machine name, as explained below. For example "" refers to job no. 142 executed on the cluster 007 with the machine name ""
machine A [Fully Qualified Domain Name] 1 of the cluster used for the computation, for example: ""
project Slug, or computer-friendly representation of the name of the project containing the Job, in the format "-project-year-month-computation". For example "demo-project-2018-10-bandstructures"
type The type of task being charged, for example "Job"
wallDuration Time duration of the computation
charge Charge amount incurred as part of the computational task
username Name of the user that performed the computation
description Short description of what the charge is for, assigned automatically by the accounting system. For example "charge for whole hour", relevant to the fast queues
startTime Date and time at which the Job was submitted, eg. "12-31-2017 22:33:00"
endTime Date and time of Job termination following its completion in a similar format as the startTime above

Payment Methods

The user can inspect the relevant information regarding all available Payment Methods by navigating to the "Payment Methods" tab .


Add Payment Method

New Payment Methods (ie. Credit Cards) can be added as it is explained in this page to make them available as future payment options.

Restricted access

The information contained under the present documentation page is relevant to Account Owners or Administrators, since only they have sufficient rights to view and modify the content (a user is always the Owner and Administrator of his personal account).