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Last updated: Aug 1, 2018

VASP On-demand

From Oct 2017 we are conducting an experimental program for academic users of VASP. users that hold up-to-date license for VASP can access the software free of charge. In return, we would like to make results available in a form of a case study after the program ends.

Without any promise, we may consider advocating for the interested people with a well formulated intent for accessing VASP who do not fit the current eligibility criteria in front of the original developers.

In order to apply:

  • send an email to with a subject containing "VASP-On-demand"
  • include the following information about yourself:
    • Full name
    • Institutional Affiliation
    • Contact information of the VASP license holder: email, license number
    • Title of the proposed project (200 characters max)
    • Importance of the proposed project (2000 characters max)
    • Execution plan, including approximate amount of computing required (2000 characters max)
    • Whether you are interested in purchasing on-demand per core-hour access to VASP in the future

Reach out to us

We are friendly people like you, why not reach out to us with your suggestions and ideas? You may contact us at If you are interested in joining our team, write to with your resume and cover letter.