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Clone / copy entities

The cloning (or copying) of one or more entity items, present in an account-owned collection, into a new distinct entry can be achieved as follows:

  1. select one or multiple entities,
  2. click Copy button in the actions toolbar at the top of the collection list.

Alternatively, cloning operation can be performed through Copy option under the actions drop-down menu at the right-end of the entry that needs to be copied.

Cloned Entry

Once the cloning is finished, a new separate entry with exactly the same content as the original is generated at the top of the collection list (as the list items are sorted by their creation date by default). The initial name of this new clone entity always defaults to the original name with the string "(clone)" appended to it.


We demonstrate how cloning works in an example animation below: we clone a newly-created workflow (labelled "Empty Workflow") into a new distinct entry shown directly above it in the collection: