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Actions for Web Terminal and Remote Desktop

In the present section of the documentation we explain the actions common to both the Web Terminal and Remote Desktop connection methods. In the latter case, some further specific actions also apply.

Open / Close Web Terminal

We document how to open the Web Terminal interface in this page.

Open / Close Remote Desktop

Similarly, the Remote Desktop interface can be opened by following these instruction.

Switching between RD and WT requires a 5-10 sec pause.

In case the user needs to switch between either of the Remote Desktop and Web Terminal, it is usually necessary to wait for a few seconds before clicking the corresponding option on the user interface after closing the other one. This is due to the finite response time of the user interface.

Open / Close Remote-connection Sidebar

The Remote-connection Sidebar available under both Remote Desktop and Web Terminal offers multiple convenient functionalities, which are reviewed here.

Upload Local Files

We explain how to upload locally stored files to the Remote Desktop or Web Terminal under this page.

Download Remote Files

Conversely, files stored remotely can be downloaded to the user's local hard drive by following these instructions.

Transfer Files via SCP

We explain how to perform file transfers via the SCP protocol, between user's local UNIX-based machines and our remote server, with these instructions.

Copy / Paste Text

Finally, we provide these instructions on how text can be copied and pasted into the remote connection interfaces, with the help of the above-mentioned Sidebar.

Access data in Web Platform

Finally, we review the procedure for exchanging data back and forth between the remote connection interfaces and the Web Interface of our platform, through the use of Dropbox.