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Advanced Entity Search

In order to perform a comprehensive search, and filter the Entities in the corresponding collection, the Advanced Search feature can be used.. The explanation contained in this page is relevant to Materials. Advanced Search functionality is also available is for Account Charges.

Click on the Advanced Search tool offered in the top-right actions toolbar of the Explorer Interface in order to activate the functionality and view the search query builder.

Query Builder

Advanced search functionality is implemented through a flexible "Query Builder": an interface that allows to construct arbitrary queries using logical rules and the supported fields. The search statements are structured in the form of "Groups", each containing a series of "Rules". Both Groups and Rules can be added to the overall logical flow with the help of the + Rule and + Group buttons, or deleted using the - button. The Rules inside each Group, and the Groups themselves, can be logically combined together through the "AND/OR" logical operators.


Each Rule is composed of three successive entries. First, an entity-related property should be selected from the initial drop-down menu. Secondly, a logical operator should be chosen from the available list in the central drop-down menu. Finally, a search string or numerical value corresponding to the sought property can be entered in the third and final text field.

Execute Query

Once all the logical statements and operators have been inserted as part of the desired overall flow, the resulting advanced search can be executed by clicking Search. The corresponding search results are then displayed.


The entire logical flow can be reset using Reset button.


Refer to Materials- and Charges- specific pages to see how advanced search can be performed.