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This page explains the details of registration process.

Filling in the initial registration form

In order to deliver the best service possible, we currently review all registration requests before accepting. Thus we require certain details from applicants, all the fields are required. See descriptions of each field in the table shown underneath the below screenshot.

Privacy note

We guarantee that the information you submit is private to our organization only, and do not share any of your information with any third parties.

Field Description
Email A valid email required
Username Alphanumeric and lowercase from 5 to 10 symbols required
Affiliation Organisational affiliation required
Phone Number With country code (+1 for example) required
Privacy Please read and accept required

How quickly are registrations approved?

We try to respond to each request with 24 hours. In some cases we may need to request further information before approving the registration request the account. We put specific attention to your use case, thus explaining what made you interested in our product and how you see yourself using it may significantly speed up the approval.

How your data is used to approve a registration?

We vet all applications based on the information you provide, and what is available publicly. We will decide the application based on this combined information. We may need to request more information and will respond as quickly as possible in order to process the activation quickly.

Other conditions to be accepted upon registration

Before creating a registration request we require users to accept certain other conditions of use of

  • Non-disclosure agreement: is a unique platform, we require our new users to accept conditions to keep the features and functionality of the platform in the strictest confidence in order to be able to continue to create new and exciting features.

  • Feedback - We ask that new users agree to give regular feedback in order to continue providing the best service we can, and consistently improve our product.

Already have an account?

If you already have an account, use the link at the footer of the document to jump to the login form. If you have an account but have forgotten your password, use the "Password" link.