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The present section of the documentation explains our approach to organizing, storing and interacting with the properties of the different entities present across our platform.


"Property" is any measurable quantity which provides information about the entity under consideration. Properties can hold information about Materials and Workflows as demonstrated here

Exact set of properties that have to be supplied to, and can be extracted as a result of, a Job computation, can vary depending on the Workflow type and on the models/methods included therein.

List of Properties

We have listed and described the properties available for computation on our platform in this section.


We explain how properties can be classified into different categories here.


For an example of a JSON structure-based representation of properties, and of the associated validating/descriptive schema, please consult the Data section.


We describe the lifecycle that properties go through in order to be extracted from simulation output, and then subsequently refined and retrieved, in this section.

User Interface

Properties are presented in special panels within the user interface of the Job Viewer, as introduced here.

These properties can also be reviewed under a dedicated Explorer-type interface for each Material stored in the account-owned collection. We explain how to retrieve and inspect the contents of this Properties Explorer in this page.