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Actions for Jobs via Command Line

In the present section of the documentation, we review the most frequently encountered actions which are necessary for the execution of Jobs via the Command Line Interface (CLI) of our platform.

Create New Jobs

We introduce some simple instructions on how the user can run some pre-defined simulation examples via CLI in this page. These instructions are intended to get the user rapidly up to speed with the core functioning and features of our CLI. More detailed explanations for understanding the possibility of advanced job customization on our platform can be retrieved under a dedicated tutorial.

Submit Job

We explain the commands necessary for submitting jobs to the CLI here.

Check Job Status

The status of jobs can be inspected at any time via CLI by following these instructions.

Terminate Job

A Job can be terminated artificially by the user at any time preceding its completion as follows

View List of Jobs and Charges

A detailed list of Jobs and associated Accounting Charges produced to date by the user can be generated under CLI as explained here, for user's reference and convenience.