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Create Job

Creating new Jobs follows the general explanation. The important difference is that the create action has to originate from inside a Project, by clicking on the "Create" button there. This is required to properly associate the newly created job with the project. When "Create Job" link is used in left-hand sidebar the default project

Attempting to perform the Create action directly from the main Jobs Explorer will result in a warning notice.

This contrasts with other entity types, for which this action has to originate under the main Explorer Interface of the entity itself.

The project from where the Job is created corresponds to where it will also be saved later.

Opening of Jobs Designer

Clicking "Create" as prescribed above takes the user to the Job designer page, where new simulations can be conceived from start to finish.


Below, we first navigate to the Projects Explorer starting from Jobs Explorer. We then open the first listed project, and from there we create a new Job by opening Jobs Designer with the "Create" button.