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Properties Explorer

The list of calculated Material properties, associated with any entry listed under Materials Explorer, is displayed below the footer of the corresponding Viewer page. It is presented to the user in a separate Explorer-type Interface, which we refer to as the "Properties Explorer".

Example Appearance

An example appearance of Properties Explorer is shown in the image below.

Materials Properties Explorer

Specific Features

Specific features of this Explorer consist in the nature of the information displayed under the central table of the interface. This information is helpful for understanding how the available material properties were computed, and what their final results are.

The different aspects of this property-specific information can be selected from the appropriate columns selector as shown in the image below, where only the property-specific options have been left ticked.

Such specific options include information on the simulation engine, model, method and precision pertaining to the corresponding computed property. The numerical value of the property is also displayed here, when it is applicable in the case of scalar quantities.

Property Specific Columns