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Account Badge

The "Account Badge" is always present at the top-right corner of any page under the header bar and displays the general information about the Account that the user is currently logged into.

General Information

The general information comprises the Account name and type, between "Personal" and "Enterprise". "Enterprise" in this context is a synonym for Organization, and should not be confused with the "Enterprise" service Level. The profile picture of the Account is also displayed here.

The name and profile picture can be modified at any time by the user under the Profile information section of the Account Preferences.

Example for Personal Account

An example of Badge for an Account of personal type is displayed in its right-hand location within the header bar in the image below. In this example, the personal Account belongs to a user called "John Doe".

example personal badge

Example for Organization Account

In this other example, the Badge for an Organization (Enterprise) Account under the name of "" is highlighted in the same context.

example organization badge