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Service Levels

Updated service levels scheme as of July 2019. For the information about the legacy service levels scheme please contact our support team.

Service levels define the types, qualities and quantities of services provided to the accounts within our platform. The features available on our platform are affected by the opted Service Level. For the detailed comparison of the pricing associated with different Service Levels offered as part of our platform, the user is referred to the pricing documentation page.


Below is a comparison of the features available:

Features Free Pro Team Enterprise
Disk Space1 10GB 10GB 10GB 10GB
Dropbox Space 1GB 1GB 1GB 1GB
Private Data2 - + + +
Account Members3 1 1 2 5
Support Severity4 Normal High High Urgent
Entity Limits: Projects5 1 2 5 10
Private Clusters6 - - - Contact Us
Managed Cloud7 - - - Contact Us
Command-line Access8 - + + +

  1. The total quota of storage space allocated to the account on a monthly basis. 

  2. The possibility to have private entities inside an account. Otherwise entities are accessible for other platform users to view. More explanation here

  3. The maximum number of users hosted inside an account. 

  4. The different forms and depths of support that users will receive by our support staff in case of technical difficulties. Normal, High, and Urgent severity requests are responded to within 48, 24, and 12 business hours respectively. 

  5. The maximum number of Entities that can be hosted inside an account. The limit can be lifted on a case-by-case basis when a sufficient explanation is provided. 

  6. The possibility to have isolated clusters accesible to a single account only. 

  7. The possibility to deploy the platform on the customer-owned cloud infrastructure. 

  8. The possibility to access the platform through web terminal, remote desktop, or secure shell (SSH) clients. 


For the personal accounts we offer:

  • Free,
  • Pro

service levels.

For the organizational accounts we offer:

  • Free,
  • Team,
  • Enterprise

service levels.

Free Service Level

The "Free" service level is designed as a temporary way for the users to try and understand the operations of our platform. It provides access to a subset of the platform resources on a limited basis free of charge.

View/Change Service Level

All the relevant information concerning Service Levels, under the context of the currently selected Account, can be inspected through the corresponding component of the User Interface. It is important to bear in mind that, when dealing with collaborative accounts, only the Owner or an Administrator of the account is given the rights to undergo such operations on behalf of the whole Organization.

Validity Period

Service levels are associated with a validity period within which the product is accessible to an account. Any unused balance at the end of the current validity period will be available (roll-over) during the next validity period, following a service level renewal. Alternatively, the account's service level is downgraded to "Free" tier within 30 business days and the balance is nullified.

Legacy Service Levels

Legacy service levels (used before July 2019) are migrated into new scheme with features and pricing preserved. When the service level expires, the features and pricing will be converted to the new scheme.