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Editor Tabs

Each subworkflow is characterized by the input parameters contained in four distinct tabs within the Subworkflow Editor interface: the "Overview", "Important settings", "Detailed view" and "Compute" tabs. Each tab will now be reviewed in detail in the links presented below:

The "Overview" tab

Broadly speaking, the "Overview" tab includes all the general parameters characterizing the nature of the subworkflow materials calculation itself. For more information please click here.

The "Important Settings" tab

This second tab comprises those technical parameters which define the accuracy of the calculation. This tab is described in detail here.

The "Detailed View" tab

The "Detailed view" tab lists all the various different physical quantities that need to be calculated or monitored as part of the computation, as described in this page.

The "Compute" tab

Finally, the "Compute" tab is to be consulted once all the previous input parameters have been set, in order to launch the workflow calculation on the Exabyte supercomputing cloud according to the user-defined order of subworkflows. The procedure for doing so is outlined here.