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Compute Setup

The "Compute" panel, located as a distinct tab under the Job Designer interface, allows the user to set up the computational parameters for the simulation to be executed.

Components of the Interface

The appearance of this panel is demonstrated in the example image below, where each component has been highlighted in red. The user is referred to the ensuing numbered headers for redirection to each component's corresponding explanation.

NOTE: in addition, the computational parameters are also explained in this page

Compute Tab

1. Time Limit

We describe how to set the time limit for the computation here.

2. Cluster

The user can choose among the available clusters as explained in this section.

3. Queue

The Queue of the resource manager can be set as follows.

4. Nodes/PPN

The number of computing nodes, and number of Processors per Node (PPN), can be set by the user as described here.

5. Advanced Options

Further advanced options for the computation are available, and consist in the following choice.

6. Notifications

Notifications on the job status can be triggered as explained in this section.