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Detailed List of Jobs and Charges

To get detailed information about all the jobs submitted to date by the user on the Command Line Interface (CLI) of our system, the lsjob command should be entered, as displayed in the example below.

This information includes the relevant compute parameters used as part of the job execution, as well as the Project container and Account Charges incurred by each listed Job. Here, the Jobs are referenced by their "Job IDs", as well as by their IDs attributed by the accounting system.


The example below demonstrates how to list all jobs for the current user, executed within a certain time period.

# > lsjob -s 2019-01-08 -e 2019-02-08`
Id     JobId User  Project               Machine                                           Queue QualityOfService Stage   Charge   Processors Nodes WallDuration StartTime           EndTime             Description           
------ ----- ----- --------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ----- ---------------- ------- -------- ---------- ----- ------------ ------------------- ------------------- --------------------- 
38921  3112  steve steve              OF    DEFAULT          Charge   0.40400 72               202          2019-02-02 07:22:18 2019-02-02 07:25:40                       
38922  3112  steve steve              OF    DEFAULT          Charge   6.79598 72               3398         2019-02-02 07:22:18 2019-02-02 07:25:41 charge for whole hour 

The full list of command line parameters can be extracted as explained here.

More Information

The link to the full documentation manual for the accounting software is available in this page.