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User Roles

The conduct of members in an Organization is governed through the user Roles listed below:


The user who initially created the organization is automatically appointed as its sole Owner, which attributes to him certain administrative privileges over the other members.

This title may be relinquished to other users. In order to do that, a special request needs to be made to our support staff.


Administrative privileges can be shared with specially designated Administrators, of which there may be more than one. Administrators also have full control over the organization. For instance, they can manage users, projects, teams and jobs. The only difference between them and Owners concerns their inability to delete the Organization.

Regular Members

All other non-administrative users belonging to a certain organization are classed as Regular Members.


Members of both regular and administrative level are collectively referred to as the People of the Organization, which are listed under the corresponding Explorer Interface.

Organizations vs. Personal Accounts

The concept of Organization can be compared to Personal Accounts, an alternative Account type associated with every user of our platform and created at the moment of registration. The user is by definition always the sole member of his own personal account, and he is consequently also the owner and administrator thereof.