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Workflows Bank

We collect unique copies of all workflows in the "Workflows Bank" collection. The general features of a Bank are discussed in the following introductory page. We assert the uniqueness through the assessment of the sequence of logical operations and input as explained below.

Pre-built Bank Workflows

Some common types of calculations routinely encountered have already been assembled in the form of pre-defined workflows, and are available among with the other user-created items in the Workflows Bank. Pre-built workflows let users quickly get up to speed with running simulations.

Mapping Function

Workflows Mapping Function consists in an assessment of the sequence of logical operations and application input files employed in the workflow and subsequent calculation of the hash string. The hash is then compared against those of existing Bank entries in the same manner as for other bank entries.

Copy from Bank

The procedure of copying (or importing) Bank Workflows into Account-owned Workflows collection is described here.