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Move Entities to Sets

Items in the account-owned collection of entities (including other Sets) can be moved into a Set by first selecting the item, and then clicking Move to Set button in the actions toolbar.

The user is presented with the following dialog. Here, the destination Set can be searched by its name in the text field. As new characters are entered, suggestions are offered in real time in the drop-down menu appearing directly below.

Move To Set

The transfer operation is completed once the "Submit" button is pressed. At this point the entity item is no longer present at its original location, but rather inside the destination Set.


In the animation below, we show how a material (Silicon) can be moved into the Set labelled "Test". In this case, this is the only Set present in our Materials collection, and therefore appears immediately as a suggestion in the dialog's drop-down menu. We then navigate inside the Set to confirm the presence of this newly transferred element: