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Account Access Levels

Different Access Levels can be granted to Accounts on our platform, as explained below.


By default, any/all newly created data is private to the account with the service level that supports private data, or, alternatively, publicly accessible for the accounts with service levels supporting public data only. Consult the aforementioned page to review service levels that support private data.

Public (all Users)

If the user wishes the entity to be shared with all other users of our platform, whilst concealing it from the public internet, then the "Public (all Users)" option can be chosen.

Share with Accounts

Entities can be shared between Personal or Organizational Accounts.

Note: analogy with Google Drive functionality

Similarly to Permissions, the Access Levels included on our platform mirror the functionality of Google Drive files and folders closely 1.

The "Anyone With Link" Level allows anyone on the web holding a copy of the shareable link to access the entity and the data associated with it.

External - Anyone on the web

Entities can also be shared externally on the public internet, and consequently be made retrievable through general search engines, with the "Anyone on the web" option .