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Adjust Unit Cell Parameters

Accessing the Information on the Lattice Vectors

Adjusting the unit cell parameters is achieved by first selecting the "Cell" component entry within the "Scene" sidebar list displayed towards the right-hand side of the 3D editor interface. The existing lattice vectors describing the geometry of the unit cell under consideration can be inspected under the "Geometry" Tab in the lower panel of the "Scene" sidebar.

Editing Lattice Vectors

The user is free to manually edit any of the entries associated with each of the three lattice vectors defining the unit cell. Editing is performed by first clicking on the desired numerical entry. Following the appropriate edit, the Apply Edits button located at the bottom should be pressed to apply the changes, which will be reflected on the shape and size of the crystal structure viewable on the main left-hand crystal viewer interface.


In the below animation, we show how to manually edit one of the lattice vectors, after which we apply the changes.